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Bears 51, Titans 20: The Best of WindyCityGridiron's In-Game Threads

Bears 51, Titans 20: The Best of WindyCityGridiron's In-Game Threads

Wesley Hitt

2 black... wide receivers

A dominant first quarter killed this as a contest but I'm not complaining. What did you all make of it? Let's see...

They spell it without an "n" in the Netherlands. True story.

DaHamsta's razor. Like Occam's razor, only more Canadian, eh.
boydvv54: is Campbell actually playing or is screwing up?
DaHamsta: Which one is more likely?

Just because.
bassist33: That's a weird way to end that commercial. "I wish Greg Jennings was in my lap." ...and scene.
Spongie: It really should end with the male fans grabbing his crotch, for the sake of authenticity.
lmfsilva: they just don't want them to fall. Honest.

Hamsters don't have a head for numbers.
DaHamsta: Wright good in man coverage
suckmyditka: that was Hayden
Kay Paradiso: 24 = Hayden. Conte is normally the safety they put in Man more often than not.
northernsails: 21 = Wright
Kay Paradiso: 27 = McMannis
DaHamsta: I am really getting messed up with the numbers

I was keeping an eye on Larry Mayer's game blog when we were penalised for a safety.
Larry Mayer: J'Marcus Webb gets flagged for illegal hands to the face against Kamerion Wimbley in the end zone, costing the Bears safety. I could make a joke about the Bears offense finally producing some points, but Mike Tice is much bigger than me so I won't. The Bears still lead 7-2.

Seems like a strange way to celebrate...
suckmyditka: ARE YOU [Edit: MARTZ]IN ME
Allie: no, thank god.

WCG, your source for all in-game information.
B.B.BH: Sandy has [Edit: martz]ed up my internet. Keep having to reset my router. What happened to Izzy
suckmyditka: arrow to the knee
Kay Paradiso: Veteran explorer.

Look who's talking!
bassist33: Did he just call Lance Huey Louis?
DutchBear: Louis Lance
BigGeorgeTX: Sounds like a pornstar name.

Time travel exists. We have proof.

Vortex51: Freak i'm a min behind you guys......was like crap what turnover
crackedcactus: They are commenting from the FUTURE!

I dunno, farmers will tell you that fertilizer has value, too.

crackedcactus: We should put Webb in as FB. Or possibly as trade him for a road bump.
northernsails: ...sack of manure is more likely

What was Doc Brown's first name?

Bullforlife: I wonder what it would take to get Cook on a trade.
Just Dave: Time travel. The trade deadline passed

The Voiss: Damn another Vanderbilt mention. Its kind of early in the day to be drunk
The Voiss: Bonus drinks for a picture of Vandy University

Oh may gawwwwwd...
Bear Naked: cannot wait for black [Edit: roosters] 2
Just Dave: Woah. What?
bassist33: hmmm
B.B.BH: WOah Woah more info then i needed
bassist33: You might be interested in the Hester package.
Bear Naked: black ops 2. sorry myb
Bears-Cubs Bulls: auto text on a cell phone? What are you doing in your downtime bro? Those things learn from past usage…..

Needs moar Bush.
Just Dave: 2 Black [Edit: roosters].
Just Dave: I'll let it go at some point. Next season…
Syndor: Wtf did I miss?!?!

Dude. Or two, as the case may be.
Bullforlife: They need to pull the starters now. Especially Old man Urlacher, Tilli and Peppers
Bear Naked: yeah, get the younger guys more developed
B.B.BH: Younger guys are more developed. More talk about Black [Edit: roosters]?
Just Dave: DAMMIT!!! I resisted that one! But I thought it too…

Like it.
TheMan1: I'm going to let my kid dress up like Tillman for trick or treat next year:
Kid: Go to the door.
Homeowner: Aw its Tillman
Kid: Punch the candybowl out of their hand.
Homeowner: Da Bears

Victory formation.
Shuggs: Tillman on offense!
LightsOutVegas: give tillman the ball
Bear Naked: idk.. he might punch the ball out of his own hands. its like a condition for him

Seconded. On both counts.
suckmyditka: [Edit: MARTZ] CEELO MOAR FAITH HILL
northernsails: Actually...on further review...I'd rather not.

Dallas-Atlanta was tied 6-6 at the half.
David in Maine: Field Goal Battle....
northernsails: Robbie Gould, I choose you!

A few from fake Twitter accounts...

- The Washington Redskins' helmets are a moving tribute to foreskin awareness.
- My goal for today is to return my own interception for a touchdown.
- Halftime body shots. #CuttyDoesIt

- As is Bears custom, our routes are supposed to be short of the first down, but not that short.
- We keep this up we'll never need to throw again.
- This is getting absurd.
- Well that doesn't look good for Izzy. I'll remind Jay now to watch his thumbs.
- That field goal completely alters my halftime speech.
- Just woke up from a nap. How'd the 3rd quarter go?
- So Peanut Tillman. He's good.
- Brandon Marshall, also good. My press conference should be compelling today.
- One thing I've learned this season ya'll, is that it would nice to play against the AFC South every year.

- RT if you've forced a Titans turnover today.
- BREAKING: Multiple news outlets are calling it early: the Chiefs have lost to the Steelers. #ElectionDay
- Report: Mark Sanchez has been in the voting booth for over 3 hours now as he has been unable to complete a single vote.
- Report: Marvin Lewis confused in voting booth, burns two challenges in 3 minutes.
- Report: Vince Young somehow manages to vote for a doodle of a cat as a write-in candidate. #Election2012
- Report: Small crisis in Seattle averted when volunteer gives Russell Wilson a boost so he is able to see ballot. #Election2012
- Report: Tony Romo having difficulties voting as his vote keeps getting intercepted by the opposing party.

Texans next. It'll be a tough game, but keep your sense of humour and stay funny...