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Come Chat with Windy City Gridiron Staffers!

Come join us for the weekly chat between members and the WCG staff!

Jonathan Daniel

It's that time of the week again, folks, where you guys can talk with us about pretty much anything. I mean, anything - the Bears, other NFL news, the Seahawks, or really anything else.

I'll have my Six-Pack coming up in a few hours, so I'll talk a lot about what I find important for Sunday's game then, but just to highlight a couple things...

Russell Wilson's a pretty good quarterback, especially for a rookie that's not asked to be the cornerstone of his team. That's Marshawn Lynch's role. But Wilson is dangerous enough to hurt you if he gets an opportunity. And if the Bears sell out against the run, especially with a hampered Charles Tillman with a chipped bone in his foot, I'll admit that Sidney Rice and Golden Tate worry me.

I'll be in and out today, but the rest of the staff will be around as well to talk with you about whatever you want. I myself will be taking in tonight's Bulls game in person. So, with that, ask away and let's have a little fun this weekend.