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College Football Open Thread: Alabama vs Georgia (and more)

For all your college football needs...

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Lots of big games on the line today, with the biggest spotlight being shined on #2 Alabama versus #3 Georgia for the SEC Championship game. The winner will face Notre Dame (who has no conference) for the BCS national championship.

Also on the docket is the ACC championship game, with Florida State facing off against Georgia Tech, and a Big 12 match up between #18 Texas and #6 Kansa State.

With a day to go before our big-league teams square off, let's settle in and watch some soon-to-be pro footballers on the big stage as they try to close out their seasons in style.

We all know the Chicago Bears could use some offensive linemen, and there are no better conferences to grab them from than the SEC. Keep your eyes peeled for any prospects you'd be interested in seeing in our Navy and Orange.

As always, have fun in tonight's Open Thread!