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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Texans At Patriots

Tonight's Monday Night Football matchup features the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots. Come watch it with us!


So, tonight's game features what could be an AFC Championship Game preview (as long as the sports industry is in the business of those sort of lame billings for regular season games, I may as well get in on it tonight!). But this time actually carries some credence - the Texans currently hold the one-seed in the AFC, yet have only clinched a playoff berth, as the Colts are still in reach of the AFC South. Meanwhile, the Patriots have already clinched the AFC East by virtue of the other three teams in the division being the Bills, Jets and Dolphins, and sit there at the number three seed, meaning if that holds, the only way the two could meet is in the AFC Championship Game. I love bracket math.

Either way, this should be a fun one. And this is your Open Thread for the contest. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).