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Lovie Smith has no answer on why Bears have struggled versus Packers

Since the coach doesn't know, we'll help him out!

Jonathan Daniel

Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith was asked this afternoon during a press conference why the Bears have been struggling against the Packers. Smith's response:

"I don't have an answer for that."

That was his entire response, and he looked to quickly move on to the next question. Not surprising, since he has stressed the importance of beating their long-standing rival, which dates all the way back to before owner Virginia McCaskey was born. Her father hated the Packers, and she made it clear that was one of Lovie's biggest priorities when he was signed as her football team's head coach. Since then, he publicly declares his intent on beating the Packers. But that hasn't exactlty come to fruition much in the last several seasons.

Don't worry, coach... That's where we come in. We are the 4th Phase, the fans who watch each and every Bears game, each and every season. We've been here longer than you, and we'll be here long after. You don't have an answer as to why the Bears have gotten their butts handed to them repeatedly over the last five seasons?

Let's help Lovie out. Feel free to leave your reasons below... Maybe when we're finished, we'll mail the best ones to Halas Hall.

The Bears have struggled against the Packers because ______________________.