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Sources: Chicago Bears to place Michael Bush on IR, re-sign Kahlil Bell

The Chicago Bears have battled injuries all season, and it appears one may be worse than we thought.

Jonathan Daniel

In the last couple seasons, the Chicago Bears have made it a point to not run their franchise running back into the ground, giving him 3-4 series off per game to keep his legs fresh. They've also also tried to have a #2 guy who can be more of a muscle-- A back who can be inserted in short-yardage situations-- because that is not Forte's specialty.

Since Forte was drafted, the team has made it a point to have that complimentary #2, and 2012 was the first year that they really hit a home run. Not only could Michael Bush handle the heavy lifting, he would have been the starter if the Bears had decided no to pay the man during Matt Forte's public contract dispute.

Unfortunately for Chicago, Michael Bush was only available this past week for emergency situations due to a rib injury, and Forte was spelled by Armando Allen. Not exactly the 1-2 punch the team has in mind.

Apparently, Bush's injury is worse than the team led on, and a league source told Sun-Times reporter Sean Jensen that the Bears are expected to place Bush on Injured Reserve and bring back Kahlil Bell for another round.

Bell was released from the team two months ago, when the team was expected to use his roster space for a wide receiver when Alshon Jeffery was injured. Now, Alshon is back, and Bush is hurt. Welcome back, Kahlil.

We looked to Twitter to see if Bell had said anything, and we came across two tweets from this morning:

1- Im learning not to judge a woman by the clothes that she wears Therefore, you shouldnt judge me off of the things that you hear

2- Get all defensive apprehensive all because my career

Well, alrighty then.

Stay tuned...