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The Best of the Bears-Packers In-Game Threads

Jay Cutler came to regret making the bet of rolling a peanut the length of Soldier Field with his head if he threw a pick...

Jonathan Daniel

That didn't go well, did it? Three hours of work later, here are the 0.76% (and that's not a joke) of the comments that were worth looking at.

Only for about 3 hours, I believe.
Dils: The Buck talks, you’d think GB was 13-0 and the Bears were 5-8. Both are 8-5!!
bassist33: Packers are 9-4 if I'm not mistaken.
Dils: Not for long

Because Bush was out and poop jokes are always appreciated.
Beer Down!: Roddy White eats Waffle House pre game? Loosens me up too, but not in a good way

o_O ...?
Dils: Matt Forte is the key that starts this car. Get him going and then you have an offense.
Maelvampyre: who is the tranny?

I always appreciate the Shouster's wordplay.
suckmyditka: well it was a nice try. Oh we’ll always next year
T.J. Shouse: always what? have? treasure? look forward to? screw up?

How sorry a state is our OL in?
stepeo: Scott out. it's like chess on the o-line
Nomad30: That's too dignified. This is more like three card monte. “Watch the weak guys, watch the weak guys, where are they now, where are they now?”

windyc: Anyone want to talk about Jay Cutler?
suckmyditka: I'd hit it

I like the cut of your jib.
T.J. Shouse: It'd be only fair that when Rodgers retires he morphs into the fat Packers fan from the State Farm commercials.

Sounds cosy!
DaHamsta: Made the late jump
Beer Down!: we were having our extended 3rd quarter thread...
DaHamsta: Half way into the 4th quarter

I know they're open threads... but get a room, guys!
bassist33: Martz me
Claudio Oliveira: Is that a request?
bassist33: Anything would be better than watching our offense right now!

I thought I'd been tricked into going to POD at one point..
ES46NE10: jesus christ, all this ref-blaming. Sound like Packers fans here.

Not much happening with Larry or in the fake twitter accounts, either...

- Watch yourselves, Green Bay. We taught Devin Hester which way to run in practice this week!
- Psst, Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy, we'll give you Olindo Mare for any of your WRs right now. #LovieDealsIt
- I'll make sure to grab some grass off the field before I leave today, as I may never be back.
- I feel like that goal line sequence was an appropriate way for me to go out.
- ... And I thought I would win the battle of worst coaching call today!

- The Cowboys and Steelers feature two quarterbacks that have a tendency of forcing things in there even when they shouldn't
- Sanchez = Spanish for "turnover"

Cardinals next. The Lions wet the bed against them but we still have something to play for, right? Oh, and my thanks to Shuggs and DaHamsta for making my life easier. It's only right to give props when they're due.