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The Bears Den: December 19, 2012 - Week 16 News and Notes

"I'll look you in the eye once I find another box to stand on."

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Jonathan Daniel

Lovie Smith doesn’t know ‘O’ - Rick Telander: Smith’s Bears, with an average offensive ranking of 26th over his 9 years, can beat average and below-average teams consistently. But when they need three-touchdown quarters, 400-yard passing games, one-minute drills or swift attacks that overwhelm, they’re just not there.

Urlacher’s legacy should be on the field, not TV - Moon Mullin: The final chapter and epilogue for Urlacher’s career as a Bear cannot be a popped hamstring and some frustrated mutterings after watching his team lose and his teammates vilified by elements of the fan base.

Phil Emery's master plan should start to unfold soon - Mike Mulligan: With a season under his belt, Bears GM has decisions to make on coach, QB, veterans and the potential of developing players.

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Eye on the future

Urlacher, Marshall doing Smith no favors - Moon Mullin: Recent comments by #54 and #15 may not help Lovie Smith's case to return as coach.

[Video] CTL discussion - Will Lovie stay if Bears make the playoffs, and what will Emery's focus be for the roster?

[Video] CTL discussion - How will the Bears look in 2013?

Giving Cutler an extension would be a mistake - Adam Harris: You never know what will happen or who will become available, but signing Jay Cutler to a long term extension handcuffs the Bears for many seasons to come.


Other Bears news

Michael Bush out for season; Kahlil Bell signed - In two games for the Bears earlier this season, Bell had 12 carries for 32 yards and one catch for 11 yards.

Matt Bowen: Scouting the Bears - Bears in must-win, must-lose scenario.

Bears’ playoff hopes could ride on Giants-Ravens - Steve Silverman: The Bears' best chance of getting the help they need most likely rests in the hands of the Ravens, who host the Giants Sunday.

When do we start blaming Cutler? - Steve Rosenbloom has a short memory. A very short memory.

Chicago Bears Stock Watch - Michael C. Wright looks at which Bears are rising and falling.

NFCN Blog: Knee-jerk reactions - The chatter is that the end of this Bears nucleus is nigh. What does Kevin Seifert have to say about that?

PFF's ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team - Week 15's Team of Shame includes rookies Alshon Jeffrey and James Brown, as well as former Bear and fan favo(u)rite Tim Shaw.

Matt Bowen's playbook - Rodgers beats the Bears' Cover 2: All-22 look at QB's TD pass on the 'Double Smash-Seam.'

Mock draft - Peter Schrager: "I feel terrible for Jay Cutler every time I watch a Bears game. Unlike any other QB in the league, he’s under pressure every single time he drops back to pass. Often, he’s knocked down on an attempt. This is the worst OL in the league and I don’t think there’s even a close number two." NFP also has us going OL in round 1.

Know thy enemy - Dan Pompei's look ahead to Arizona, whose offense is a wreck, but whose defense remains stout.

Tale of the Tape - We surely won't lose to the Cardinals, will we...?


Polish sausage

Know thy enemy: Packers - Kevin Seifert: James Jones isn't the classic big receiver who can outmuscle or outjump defenders in the end zone, but he has sharpened his route running and ball skills considerably over the past few years. Meanwhile, Darryl Drake is still our WR coach...

Know thy enemy: Packers - Pete Dougherty: Late-season extensions no longer a priority now that new cap rules provide flexibility for handling Rodgers, Matthews.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - PFF's 3 Performances of Note: AP's extraordinary day doesn't even get a look in, we expect so much of him.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Jim Souhan: Leslie Frazier's displays of fire and passion '85 Bearsss Ditka Super Bowl 20 polish sausage calm voice and ability to navigate his way through stormy waters has Vikings on right path.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Drew Sharp: Ownership was unflinchingly confident that it had the right management team and strategy in place. But the Lions' road encountered those familiar detours, leading back to that same question regarding this star-crossed franchise - Will the Fords ever demand excellence?

Know thy enemy: Lions - Jim Schwartz - Jim Schwartz - is holding himself accountable for his team's collapse. Stupid Mayans and their stupid end of the world...

Hark! The herald angels sing...