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2013 NFL Draft: What position do the Chicago Bears draft first?

Lots of holes to fill... Where does Phil Emery look in the 1st round?


The 2012 season has not materialized as the Chicago Bears would have hoped, especially considering their 7-1 start, and there are plenty of needs on both sides of the ball for new GM Phil Emery to address.

It's no surprise that the offensive line is in shambles, as well as a few other critical positions, and it is getting to the point of the season to start focusing on the Draft.

Despite the possibilities of a post-season appearance this season, there are areas that will require immediate attention once 2012 is in the books. We will certainly have lots of Draft talk down the road, but for right now, what are your thoughts?

The Bears are likely to have a mid-first round pick, so put on your armchair GM hat. What should be their top priority?

Go ahead and cast your vote for position, then let us know in the comments section what players immediately come to mind.