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Seahawks At Bears Recap: Wilson's Legs, Rice's Catch Run Ragged Bears To Loss

The Bears lost 23-17 to the Seahawks behind Russell Wilson's exceptional second half and overtime period.


The Bears looked like they were going to be just fine in this game as they scored on their first drive of the game following a forced Marshawn Lynch fumble, and took a 14-10 lead into the fourth quarter. Then, Russell Wilson happened.

Wilson started getting his legs into the game more and more and it took hold in the fourth quarter as he scrambled for several first downs and made several big plays with his arm as well. It was a weapon the Bears had no answer for as the Seahawks took the lead with 32 seconds left.

Then, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall took the stage. Eric Weems' return left the Bears with 20 seconds on the clock; then, Cutler took advantage of good protection and shifted to his right as Brandon Marshall worked deep, launching a laser into Marshall that he took for another ten yards - a 56-yard completion and in range for Robbie Gould, who sent the game to overtime.

But Seattle's offense continued to stymie into overtime, as they received the ball, methodically worked down the field with Wilson scrambles and key completions, and finished things off with a 13-yard strike to Sidney Rice as he dove for the goal line.

So the Bears fall to 8-4 and, with the Packers' victory, to second place in the NFC North. Yuck. I'll have plenty to talk about with Notes in the morning, but for right now, it is what it is - a loss. At least Cutler didn't take a non-fumble-assisted sack.

Jay Cutler: 17-26, 233 yards, 2 TD - 119.6 passer rating; 4 carries, 27 yards

Matt Forte: 21 carries, 66 yards; 3 receptions, 30 yards, TD
Brandon Marshall: 10 receptions, 165 yards
Earl Bennett: 1 reception, 12 yards, TD

Russell Wilson: 23-37, 293 yards, 2 TD - 104.9 passer rating; 9 carries, 71 yards

Marshawn Lynch: 19 carries, 87 yards, TD
Sidney Rice: 6 receptions, 99 yards, TD
Golden Tate: 5 receptions, 96 yards, TD