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Week 13 Late Games and Sunday Night Football Open Thread

The Bears may have lost, but the weekend in NFL action isn't over. Come watch the rest of today's games with us!


So there's still four games going on, along with tonight's matchup on NBC, so this is your thread for those matchups.

The Buccaneers took a 10-7 lead heading into the end of the first quarter. Cleveland and Oakland are tied scoreless with about four and a half minutes to go in the first. Cincinnati put up a seven point lead on the San Diego Chargers with about seven minutes to play in the first, and Baltimore currently trails Pittsburgh 3-0, with six minutes left in the first.

St. Louis beat the Niners in overtime 16-13, which should give them the win from the tied game as well, shouldn't it? Huh? Right? No? Okay...

Buffalo stomped Jacksonville 34-18, Indianapolis took out Detroit 35-33 (which means for once, Detroit really did get beat by Luck, hey hey!), Green Bay beat Minnesota 23-14, Houston took care of business against Tennessee 24-10, Kansas City got their second win 27-21, the Patriots beat the Dolphins 23-16, and Greg McElroy took over for Mark Sanchez and got the Jets to a win over the Cardinals in this year's Futility Bowl, winning 7-6.