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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2012: Week 15 vs. Green Bay Packers

The Bears allowed a returning Clay Mathews to notch another multi-sack game against their porous pass protection. This is getting ridiculous. I don't think I'm going to put myself through a Sackwatch 2013, unless the Bears seriously upgrade their offensive line.

David Banks

I'm not even in the mood to go through an elaborate open after the Chicago Bears allowed four more sacks, so I'll just get down to business.

Where are we at so far?

Sackwatch after 14 games
2010 - 48
2011 - 42
2012 - 42

Great, still on pace with last year. Here we go...

Sack 39 - Second Quarter 15:00 - Clay Matthews
First play of the 2nd quarter, and it was a 3rd and 5. Green Bay defensive lineman Mike Neal, who was lined up over the outside shoulder of Bears rookie left guard James Brown, took an immediate outside rush towards Chicago left tackle J'Marcus Webb. Clay Matthews stunted around Neal, and Brown didn't stand a chance. It wasn't even a very elusive twist by Matthews, he just powered his way through Brown's arms.

Webb took on Neal, but Brown wasn't ready for the stunt. If by some odd chance Brown would have picked up his man, Webb didn't stop Neal from penetrating. The sack allowed goes to Brown, but Webb didn't look good on the play either.

Sack 40 - Third Quarter 5:58 - Mike Neal
Another 3rd down, and another sack. The Bears were 0 for 3rd down on the day, so this latest failure shouldn't be a surprise. Neal beat James Brown for the sack, but he got it after Cutler stepped up due to some pressure off the right edge. Brown stayed with Neal fairly well, until Jay moved up in the pocket. I would have liked to see Brown react a little better once he lost contact with Neal, but he is a rookie. He didn't sustain his effort til the whistle.

Sack 41 - Fourth Quarter 9:04 - Clay Matthews
Well what do you know, it wasn't a 3rd down sack! But it was Clay Matthews again. This play was reminiscent of his first sack. Another stunt by Green Bay and James Brown stayed with his man too long. Matthews just looped around and blew up Cutler.

This was also the most cringe worthy Rick Rude looking sack dance I've ever seen in my entire life, just thinking about it makes me queasy.

One thing to keep in mind about James Brown, besides his being a rookie, is he's a rookie playing a new position. The tackle instinct is to take your man outside if that's where he wants to go. Brown played tackle in college, and as a tackle it's ok to turn your shoulders and drive your man around the pocket. As an interior offensive lineman, he has to keep his shoulders parallel with the line of scrimmage, and pass off his guy if he goes to the outside. Expecting a stunt is something veterans occasionally struggle with. Green Bay just did a good job with the plays.

For more on Stunts make sure to read Kay's latest article right here on WCG

Sack 42 - Fourth Quarter :37 - Jerel Worthy & Mike Neal
This is just a dumb sack. The Pack rushed 2, and Cutler didn't seem to concerned with getting away. He had time to run around to look for a target, but with 9 Packers in coverage he found that difficult. There was no excuse for him to not elude the rush, so this sack is pinned on Jay.

Sackwatch Breakdown After 14 Games
Jay Cutler - 9
Gabe Carimi - 7
J'Marcus Webb - 5
Sacks Happen - 3
Chilo Rachal - 3
James Brown - 3
Kellen Davis - 2
Roberto Garza - 2
Matt Forte - 2
Lance Louis - 2
Chris Spencer - 1
Micheal Bush - 1
Matt Spaeth - 1
Jonathan Scott - 1