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Which NFL head coach would you trust the most in the playoffs?

Of all the NFL head coaches, who would you trust the most?

Jim Rogash

Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith might not be losing the support of his players, but the fan base is growing increasingly unsettled as the weeks pass by. Even if the Bears are able to back in to the playoffs, there's not a lot of trust that the team could actually make a serious splash.

Look around the league, though, and there are plenty of coaches that are leading their teams in the right direction, and who have the trust of their organization and fan base to get the job done.

With that said, Gillette is asking about which head coach you would be most comfortable leading your team in the playoffs... Would it be Lovie Smith? What about Bill Belichick? Perhaps one of the Harbaugh brothers?

We threw some names into the Poll below... Cast your vote, and let us know if there is another head coach that you would trust even more.

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