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Mike Ditka said "I'm a Packer fan", and I died a little inside...

Chicago Bears legendary player and coach Mike Ditka broke some hearts with his recent Q&A. The hearts of the iconic Superfans were among them...

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Say it ain't so Coach... say it ain't so...

It takes quite a bit to shock me. I consider myself a level headed fella. But there was something a "friend" sent me that really took the cake. It was from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and that right there should have alerted me not to read it, but I did read it. And now I can never unsee it...

It appeared to be a standard Q&A with one of the most beloved sports figures to ever don the Navy and Orange of our Chicago Bears, Michael Keller Ditka. AKA, Iron Mike, AKA, Da Coach. But as I made my way down the article I read the following in one of his responses;

"Now, I'm a Packer fan too"

My initial reaction; 'Nooooooooooooooo!'

I haven't even shown this to Todd yet, as he dosen't need an excuse for grabber number three this year. His heart just may not be able to take this. Hell, my heart fluttered when reading this.

I'm not afraid to admit that a tiny tear made it's way through my left tear duct, traversed down my cheek, and fell into my beer. My Old Style was a little salty the night I read this.

Me and all my fellow Superfans - except Todd* - have brainstormed some possible scenarios to this Q&A.

  • It's a dastardly Wisconsinite trick to spread propaganda laced lies through Chicago Bears fandom.
  • It's all a ruse, and Iron Mike will spring into action and destroy the Packers from the inside out, once he gains their trust.
  • The author slipped Da Coach a mickey before they sat down.

And that's really all we got. Our utter shock coupled with the flowing beer is making it really hard to concentrate.

It really was a well done article with lots of great insight. That is, until I got down that that part.

So what do you guys think... anyone have a better explanation?

* If you happen to run into Todd, please remember; oNay entionmay ofyay isthay itkaDay ingthay.