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Weekly Chats Presented By XFINITY - Windy City Gridiron the floor is yours

What a month it's been for Bears fans. So much to talk about, so much to vent about. This is an Open Thread, and it is rated WCG-MA.


It's been a bad week to be a Chicago Bears fan. We may have set a record for the number of negative slanting articles on this site since the Packers 21-13 win on Sunday.

Bears fans are upset with the coaching staff, we're upset with the players, many of us are already looking towards the off-season.

We've had a couple Approval Rating polls recently, one for Jay Cutler and one for Lovie Smith. The people overwhelmingly approve of Jay so far, but Lovie is skewing the opposite way.

Long time WCG reader and poster suckmyditka dropped his latest Fanpost titled, Coaches I would like to see interviewed if Lovie gets canned, and he has some interesting candidates listed.

Normalfan wrote a recent Fanpost that takes a more analytical look at the Bears and their future in his post titled, What should the Bears do?

Our own Dave Gilbert believes for the long term success of the franchise, it would serve them better to miss the playoffs this year.

How ever you feel about the Chicago Bears allow this to be your place to let it all hang out. Get pissed, talk us off the ledge, talk draft strategy, potential free agents, and coaching moves. Glass half full or glass half empty, this is your Open Thread for the night, enjoy!