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If the world ends today, our favorite sports memories are...

At any point today, the earth could explode, so you may want to do something fun in the meantime.

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The end of the world has been predicted since the beginning of time, but this one could seriously be THE REAL THING PEOPLE, THIS IS SERIOUS, maybe.

So, before the Mayan prediction comes true at some point today and the Earth explodes or we all disintegrate or whatever is supposed to happen happens, we decided to share some of our favorite sports memories of all time.

Kay: A certain October night in 2006. A team enters the desert. All hope was abandoned. But a shining light, a pack of wild bears in the distance, hungry and mauling, took what was theirs, and one dust storm, nay, a hurricane entered the contest and demolished the barriers between loss and victory.

TJ: Mine would have to be Keith Traylor's TD return. I'm a sucker for watching a fat man run.

Spongie: The Fog Bowl. I'd never seen a sport event like it before, or since. Of course, I wouldn't have such a fond memory if we'd lost...

David T: Hester's comeback victory against Arizona. I'm not sure I have ever reacted to a sporting event like I did that one.

Lester: 1985... 'Nuff said.

Ronk: Seconding David's mention of the 2006 game @ARI. That ridiculous come-from-behind win was the best birthday gift I have ever received.

Sam: I would also say the Arizona game. I almost gotten written up in my dorm building because I flipped out when Devin returned the kick and then subsequently when Rackers missed the kick at the end.

Also, the Jay Cutler Trade. I remember seeing it scroll across the screen during Around the Horn and I flipped my shit and ran through my house screaming but none of my roommates were home so I ended up frantically calling my Bears fan friends and just overall freaking out.

Lastly, since no one's said it, I remember the 2001 Mike Brown INT return against the 49ers, that was the game that really solidified me as a Bears fan and made me really start watching and having an interest in football.

Dane: I have three-- One is my very first football memory ever... I was five years old, and my grandfather, who was a Packers fan, pulled me onto his lap to watch the Packers play the Bears. He was teaching me to watch football, and to root for the Packers (which I enjoyed doing that day because it is always fun to get rowdy with your grandpa), but I remember being mesmerized by a certain #34 that was running the football for the Bears. We kept cheering for Green Bay, but all I could focus on was Walter Payton. I was enamored from that point on, and never looked back.

My second is Brian Urlacher in Arizona. Urlacher became some sort of supernatural, destructive, Football Alien Monster, and single-handedly took control of a game unlike anything I'd ever witnessed in my life.

And finally, possibly the biggest jolt of instant adrenaline I've ever felt was the Devin Hester kickoff return for a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Sure, Peyton Manning quickly happened, but that one play, those 10 seconds of watching #23 sprint to the end zone... It was like all time had stopped and nothing else was happening in the world at that moment.

So, before all hell breaks loose and the apocalypse happens, what is your all-time favorite sports moment?