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Monday (Saturday?) Night Football Open Thread: Falcons Vs. Lions

Monday Night Football apparantly takes place on Saturday now, as the Falcons and Lions square off.


Tonight's game seems like a tale of two worlds. The Falcons have been on a tear this season - some games a little sketchier than others, with a loss or two in there, but putting up a 34-0 beatdown on the Giants really puts an extra kick in a team's step - and they currently sit at the number 1 seed in the NFC.

Meanwhile, compared to last year, the Lions have been on the downturn all year, and rock bottom may have come at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals shellacking them and dropping 38 points on them. Yeah, just in time for the Bears to face them tomorrow...

Anyway, this probably means the Lions are going to storm the Falcons 40-10 or something like that. I mean, unexpected outcomes and all.

Either way, this is your open thread for the MonSatur-day night game. And as always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).