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NFL 2012 Week 16: Early Games Open Thread

The Bears don't play til later, but we can at least watch some of these match-ups that help determine their fate.


Here's your slate of early games today:

1. Oakland Raiders @ Carolina Panthers
2. New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys
3. Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers
4. Minnesota VIkings @ Houston Texans
5. New England Patriots @ Jacksonville Jaguars
6. Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs
7. Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins
8. San Diego Chargers @ New York Jets
9. Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles
10. Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers
11. St. Louis Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As someone who doesn't like to leave things to chance, I'd really prefer that the Redskins go ahead and win the NFC East outright, and that the Cowboys don't win anymore. Also, the Texans could be kind and take out the Vikings this week, since the Bears handed them such a helpful win earlier in the season. Also, the pesky Giants are hanging around, but we'll get to that game later.

Get your rooting interests in order, because the Bears playoff chances don't rest on only their shoulders. They're going to need some help this week and next.