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NFL Thoughts Week 16: Chicago Bears and Beyond

Welcome to the Christmas Eve edition of NFL Thoughts. Before Santa comes to visit, be sure to peruse our Thoughts, and as always make sure to leave us a few of your own.

Christian Petersen

The Green Bay Packers can basically decide if they would rather see the Minnesota Vikings or the Chicago Bears in the 2012 NFL postseason. If the Packers lose next week to the Vikes, then Minnesota will make the playoffs. If the Pack can beat Minny, then the Bears could be in the playoffs.

Chicago has to take care of business themselves and beat the Lions in Detroit, but they are one of the few teams playing worse than the Bears in the second half.

If the Bears win in their early game, they'll all become Packer fans for the late game. And Green Bay does have something to play for, a win and they lock up the #2 seed and procure a bye.

On to my Thoughts!

1) Reports out of New York are that Tim Tebow, who was passed over for the start, asked to be removed from the Jets Wildcat package. Part of me says kudos for sticking up for himself, but there's that whole team ahead of self thing...

2) Cam Newton bumping a ref... Really? He's finally playing well, and has the Panthers winning, and his immaturity shines through again.

3) That was a great win by the Vikings going to Houston and whipping the Texans. Leslie Frazier has the Vikes playing well, and how about their rookie kicker nailing another 50+ yard field goal. Blair Walsh is a spectacular 9-9 from that distance.

4) The Seattle Seahawks might be the best team in the NFC. They've scored 150 points the last three games, and seem to be clicking in all phases.

5) Staying with Seattle, that huge hit by Kam Chancellor was not illegal. He didn't lead with his head, nor did he hit Vernon Davis in his head. That was just a large man colliding with another large man. Mike Pereira, former VP of Officiating for the NFL tweeted the following in regards to the call;

Statement in the rule book, "When in question about a roughness call, the covering official should always call the foul."

I think the NFL has to do allow plays like that to go to an automatic replay. It makes no sense to punish a team for a hard football play.

6) No team is hotter than the Denver Broncos, who just won their 10th straight. I don't think anyone could have predicted Peyton Manning having his best QB rating since 2005 and throwing for his most TDs since 2004.

7) And speaking of unlikely predictions, did anyone have the Colts back in the playoffs and Andrew Luck setting the rookie passing record?

8) The St. Louis Rams may be a team to watch out for next year.

9) With all the rigmarole about the Bears failing to draft and groom an heir apparent to Brian Urlacher in the middle, maybe they've had it covered all along with Nick Roach? He may not be as vocal as Urlacher on the field, but he is playing some good football.

10) It was good to see the Bears get a couple defensive touchdowns, but it's a bit concerning that the offense still only managed to score two themselves. If the Bears do sneak into the playoffs, that's not gonna get it done. Two TDs might not be enough to beat the Lions this week.