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Who is the Chicago Bears' No Debate Offensive MVP?

Vote in the poll! Tell us who you think is the Chicago Bears offensive MVP.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Our Friends over at Gillette have asked the No Debate Question of the Week; WHO HAS BEEN THIS YEAR’S OFFENSIVE MVP AND WHY?

So we figured we'd give it a Chicago Bears spin and present to you the two best Chicago options.

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.

If we went strictly on the numbers, it would be hard to go against Marshall. He's having the most prolific season at wide out ever in the long history of the Chicago Bears. His 113 receptions and 1,466 receiving yards are already the most ever, and his 11 touchdowns is only two behind the franchise leading 13 that is held by Dick Gordon and Ken Kavenaugh.

Jay Cutler doesn't have bad numbers, they're just not the eye popping QB stats like some of his peers. His 18 TDs and 14 Ints are OK, as is his near 3,000 passing yards, but it's his importance to his team that makes him so valuable. You take Cutler off the Bears and they are Jaguars bad. Some of the plays he makes with his scrambling ability, and his awareness simply can't be made by the other QBs on the roster.

So it comes down to who do you feel is more valuable to the Chicago Bears? The guy catching the ball, or the guy throwing him the ball?

Vote in the poll, but also be sure to tell us why in the comment section.

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