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The Best of the Bears-Cardinals In-Game Threads

"Seriously Lovie, if you need a new offensive coordinator next season....."

Christian Petersen

This game feels like it was an age ago, doesn't it? Or, at least two notches on your belt. To remind you, we won 28-13 with the offense and defense each scoring two touchdowns, Here's how the chatter went down...

There were various scenarios as to how we could make the playoffs...
C-Razzle: Jeez, Lovie should be fired for the simple fact of making us try to understand how we can make the playoffs now.

I've heard that track before.
T.Moore: 3 straight passes again
LostInSTL: Correction... 3 straight incompletions to Marshall…

WCG has theories as to what secrets Lovie's laminated sheet contains...
Virto: It's a Denny's menu.
Nomad30: "Things to call J'Marcus Webb after the game."
ES46NE10: "herp derp"
Just Dave: acid tabs
David in Maine: A new potato salad recipe
BOBdaBEAR: Some black and white drawings; he left the play sheet and crayons at whatever restaurant he went to before the game
Trey23: Family Circus cartoons
chiguy8506: his press conference speech: “We did some things”

1 completion from 11 attempts was nothing to write home about.
Nomad30: Can we go back to the 20+ yard passes? Cutler actually completed one of those.

Back to the future?
haslone: So who's our next OC? After Tice is fired…
ES46NE10: norv turner. Turner II: Terrible Offense Boogaloo

We should give each Bears game the name of a film to sum it up. Next: The Dirty Dozen.
themacattack: Well... at least Lindley ain't doing much better. It’s like Dumb and Dumber: The Football Game.

There's a pun to be made here involving Santa and his sack.
haslone: Anybody ask for some cool Bears gear for Xmas?
ES46NE10: a BMarsh. all I have is a Rex Grossman (which I am rocking as we speak, but I need a new one, and it’s not like they make retro Jim Harbaugh jerseys)
Shuggs: You could buy a custom one.
ES46NE10: not anymore, different company
Shuggs: Get a Chinese version. China is good for this stuff.
ES46NE10: i prefer korean girls. what were we talking about?

Why our special teams unit is superior.
ES46NE10: would have run Patrick Mannelly in that situation. the defenders would have parted the seas out of fear

More talk of coaching changes.
ES46NE10: what's paul brown's corpse up to these days?

It's like a reflex or something.
dicksingletary: cards players better stay away from Lovie on the bears sideline. they are wearing Red and Lovie will try to throw them like a challenge flag

Forte's ankle was being looked at on the sidleine.
dicksingletary: #tapeupdaman

Just Dave: Dammit I had Lindley in my fantasy league!
Nomad30: Dude, why?
Just Dave: I don't win very often.

Weird, right?
Bears-Cubs Bulls: Payton would have gotten the first down and Sayers would have scored with the space Davis had
iamBQB: Are we really holding Davis to that standard? I’m happy he managed to keep both hands on the ball.

Can't fault that logic.
ES46NE10: why is this still the 3rd quarter
ECD: Because we have 1:54 left in the 3rd quarter. That’s why.
ES46NE10: blast. accursed chronometry

Remarkable self-control, bearing in mind there was no Bush in the game...
ECD: Gotta get out of that deep hole....
LostInSTL: Too easy... Let it go Lost….

Can't fault that logic, either. I always think nicknames should have some kind of logic to them other than "it rhymes" or it's a godawful pun.
mml35: I really like Armando got to get him a nick name
Mirabelle: I say we call him Jack. Easy to say and spell.

mml35: The old lady is making meatloaf again....:/
mml35: I see a few nights on the couch over the multiple cook books bought for her this Christmas

I may have to take up drinking for that game, too...
Digs D-League: Can't believe I have to cheer for GB next week...
Nomad30: I'm debating the idea of a drinking game so that no matter what the outcome is, I don’t care.

What did the fake twitter accounts have to say?

- For today's game, I whipped up a special batch of my grandfather's egg nog, which is just Jager with milk.
- I am going to guarantee a win today, but I haven't decided which team yet.

- It's so much easier to coach against these dilfy teams.
- When your offense is a well oiled machine, you don't need timeouts.
- A horrible challenge felt like the best way to burn our last timeout.
- All I want for Christmas is a Green Bay win. I feel dirty. Merry Christmas, y'all!

- Jets willing to take anything for Mark Sanchez, including late round pick or store credit at Target.
- Please Mayans. At least take her. RT @KimKardashian: Soooooo is 12-21 Mayan April Fools Day????
- It's a "virtual certainty" Tim Tebow will play for the Jaguars in 2013, where the team is already used to not having a quarterback.
- Taking a knee at the 2 on a free kick... ladies and gentlemen your Detroit Lions
- BREAKING SCORE UPDATE: Two hours before kickoff, the Jaguars trail the Patriots 21-0.
- Fun Fact: The Jaguars drafted a punter over Russell Wilson
- EXCLUSIVE: Special Edition Detroit Lions XBox Controller released (Via: @NFL_Memes) -

We face the Lions in another must-win on Sunday, while hoping the Packers beat the Vikings. No wonder I don't feel well.....