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The Bears Den: December 03, 2012 - Week 13 News and Notes

Matt Forte no longer has a chip on his shoulder. Now it's a wide receiver.

Jonathan Daniel

Bears don't respond like a playoff team in overtime loss - David Haugh: Bears wobble away dazed and confused looking like anything but a playoff team following a 23-17 overtime loss to the Seahawks.

Rookie QB embarrasses Bears defense - Barry Rozner: Whatever the nature of their injuries, the Bears looked old and sluggish on a defense that before the season was forecast to be old and sluggish.

Team report - With Sunday's game on the line, the Bears' vaunted and suddenly old-looking defense gave up 177 yards on two drives.

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Bears-Seahawks game reports & notes

Game box score - 17-26 for 233 yards, a 65.4% completion rate, 2 TDs, 0 Ints, and a QB passer rating of 119.6, and we still lost? Oy vey.

Larry Mayer's game blog - Re-live the game, if you're a masochist.

Bears defense shredded by rookie QB in OT loss - Larry Mayer: Suddenly, the Bears' injury-depleted OL is no longer their greatest concern. Unable to contain Wilson.

Bears lose 23-17 to Seahawks in overtime - Brad Biggs: Rookie QB Russell Wilson finds holes in the Bears defense in a road victory.

Rice TD gives Seahawks 23-17 OT win over Bears - If the Seahawks didn't save their season, they sure gave their playoff hopes a boost.

Seahawks beat Bears as QB Russell Wilson leads wild overtime victory drive - With the win, Seattle improved to 7-5 and Chicago fell to 8-4 — and the way the playoff race is shaping up, the two teams could potentially face each other again in the postseason.

Russell Wilson comes of age by making Bears' defense look old - Gene Chamberlain: Seattle's 23-17 overtime victory may have signaled something big about the direction the Seahawks are headed, if not the end of the line for the faltering Bears.

[Video] View from the Moon - Bears were impressed with Wilson; more thoughts from the locker room and the PGL crew.

Bears quotes - Players talk after Sunday's loss.

[Video] Game recap - Cris Carter breaks down the Seahawks' 23-17 win.

Injury report - Jeff Dickerson: Health continues to be a issue for the Bears who lost four starters due to injuries over the course of their 23-17 overtime loss.

Game notes - Vaughn McClure with injury news and notes from the game.

Adam Hoge's game notes - Lovie Smith takes the blame; big drop for Bennett; more game notes.

Game notes - Tracey Myers: O-line performs well amidst shakeup; more notes from the game.

Photos - The steath bomber flyover is pretty sweet.


Defense struggles

Bears defense has rare letdown vs. Seattle - Michael C. Wright: Smith acknowledged fatigue may have played a role late in the team’s inability to consistently stop Seattle, but wouldn’t cut the unit any slack.

Whether fatigue played a factor, Bears' D failed to deliver - Tracey Myers: The Bears' defense looked worn down as the matchup against the Seahawks progressed, but whether or not fatigue was a factor in the team's loss, the players know they failed to deliver on the field.

Reason to worry - Jon Greenberg: The Bears' third loss in their past four games creates reason to worry about playoff viability.

Bears’ defense too slow - Dan Bernstein: While Lovie Smith's team wasn’t eliminated by the Seahawks Sunday, it was beaten and exposed. The defense lost the game for the Bears. Then it lost the game again.

Bears defense unable to contain Russell Wilson - Vaughn McClure: Bears defense allowed Wilson to rack up 364 all-purpose yards (including 71 rushing yards), two touchdowns.

If this isn't a complete Bears disaster, it's close - Rosendoom: Old, bad and hurt is no way to get into the playoffs.


Further news & analysis

NFCN Blog Rapid Reaction - Michael C. Wright's quick take on the game. Halftime adjustments - Bears, Y you no keep pressure on Wilson as Michael C. Wright suggested?

Cutler, Marshall shine in overtime loss - Larry Mayer: Duo's heroics weren't enough to prevent overtime loss. Plus, more game notes.

[Video] PGL analysis - The PGL crew on missed opportunities, the defense faltering, and Russell Wilson.

[Video] Wright & Dickerson - Thoughts in the aftermath of the game.

Fourth-and-one 'go' was the right call - Moon Mullin: Did that one play really cost the Bears the game?

If Bears can't gain half-yard, they deserve to lose - Dan Pompei: But Lovie Smith made the right call in going for it on fourth-and-short against Seahawks. The final score suggests otherwise, Dan.

A game of missed chances for the Bears - Tracey Myers: The Bears missed on several key plays -- including two failed fourth down conversions -- Sunday that helped result in Chicago's overtime loss against the Seahawks.

View from the Moon - Bears have their 'backs against the wall'; Seattle's offensive playcalling kept Bears off-balance; after two dismal defensive performances in three weeks, could more changes be in the offing?

[Video] Biggs & Haugh's postgame analysis - Bears' D looked old and slow; Bears had no answer for Wilson in the second half.

Brad Biggs' Four downs - Lovie Smith kicks himself over 2nd-quarter decision, but team has bigger problems.

Another memorable game for Marshall - Scott Powers: In a season where Marshall has made his fair share of extraordinary catches, the one he made in the final seconds Sunday may just rank at the top.

'Disrespected' Marshall passes test against Seahawks secondary - Scott Krinch: Brandon Marshall felt disrespected by the fact the Seahawks were planning on playing him one-on-one Sunday and used that motivation to have another monster game.

[Video] Jim Miller: 15 on 6 - Cutler played well; you can't ask your QB to do much more.

In a rarity, Cutler on losing end of a close game - Fred Mitchell: The Bears usually pull out close games with Jay Cutler at the controls, but Sunday's overtime loss to the Seahawks dropped his record to 13-3 in his last 16 starts.

Bennett's injury further depletes WR corps - Jeff Dickerson: Earl Bennett suffered a concussion that could result in him sitting out the club's divisional game next weekend at Minnesota.

Matt Bowen's playbook - Breaking down Sunday's top three plays: Luck's game winner, plus Russell Wilson and Reggie Nelson.


Game grades

Michael C. Wright's Report Card - It's a defensive downgrade.

3 Bears - Vaughn McClure: The term "beast mode" should be reserved for Brandon Marshall rather than Marshawn Lynch.

Adam Hoge's grades - While the offense wasn’t perfect, the Bears had a lead and the defense had numerous chances to ice the game.

Moon Mullin's grades: Offense - Did the coaches blow the game?

Moon Mullin's grades: Defense & STs - It's not pretty for the D.

Lester's guest video week - "This video gets better with every viewing. Paying the Devil is a precursor to Making It Rain."