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Chicago Bears Vs. Detroit Lions: TV Coverage, Inactives, Weather and Info

Your one-stop Open Thread for everything about today's Bears game against the Detroit Lions.

Christian Petersen

Win, and hope Minnesota loses.

That sums up the entirety of the playoff push for the Bears against the Lions today. Two weeks ago, the Bears controlled their own destiny, and now it's come to beating the Lions and hoping the Packers pack it in against the Vikings, or that the Vikings just have a game. Or at least win. You know, the usual.


Here's Dave Birkett's preview from the Lions' side of things. Here's the Sun-Times Mark Potash.

Oh, hate is such a strong word. Then stop throwing it around.

Let's not repeat 2008 - unless you're one of the people that roots for a loss to have a chance at getting a head coach fired.

Oh, and Forte was cleared by a doctor and expects to play, so we'll see what happens with the inactive report (see below).


Doesn't get any prettier than the inside of a dome, does it. It may be 28 degrees outside in Detroit with a slight wind, but inside, try 72 degrees and perfect wind and light conditions.

And Now, Back To Your Regularly-Scheduled Programing:

Today, your Bears broadcast is brought to you by the letter B for Buffet Table, as Tony Siragusa mans the sidelines with Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston in the booth.

Also, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman have the Green Bay/Minnesota broadcast, which will be covered by most of the country, so we'll get to watch it together, especially if the Bears win. So, big day of football here. Here's the remainder of the TV maps in America.

Canadia, here you go. And across the pond and over the world, here.

As a reminder, the Chicago Bears Injured Reserve list: Michael Bush, Robbie Gould, Braondon Hardin, Lance Louis, Craig Steltz, Matt Toeaina, Sherrick McManis, Nick Pieschel


Chicago: Injured- Brian Urlacher (hamstring), Chris Conte (hamstring), Blake Costanzo (calf), Armando Allen (knee), Healthy scratches- Josh McCown, Cory Brandon, Nate Collins.

Detroit: Kellen Moore, Kevin Smith, Drayton Florence, Ricardo Silva, Jason Fox, Corey Hilliard, Ronnell Lewis