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Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions: 1st Quarter Open Thread

Two things need to happen for the Bears to make the playoffs: Beats the Lions, and have the Packers beat the Vikings. The first game is underway...


Lots of discussion during today's pregame chats, with topics including:

- Lovie Smith's future in Chicago

- How the Bears started the season 7-1 and now need help to make the playoffs

- How injuries have contributed significantly to the Bears downward spiral

- Brian Urlacher not being able to suit up in what could possibly be his last game as a Bear

- The possibility of a Bears run in the playoffs

- The possibility of a Vikings upset of the Packers

But now it's time to focus on the one and only thing that matters at this point: Walking on the field in Detroit and beating a feisty Lions team, who have nothing to play for EXCEPT keeping the Bears out of the playoffs.

With rumors circulating this morning that Jim Schwartz's job could be on the line, we can expect some sort of spark this afternoon from Ford Field.

Have fun, and stay tuned...