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NFL Week 17: Late Games Overflow Open Thread

The Vikings started strong versus the Packers, but the game has turned into a grinder. Hang on to your seats...

Hannah Foslien

There are plenty of OTHER games being played right now, but Bears fans are congregating here with a watchful eye being fixed on the Metrodome: GO PACK GO!

So far, Adrian Peterson has been Adrian Peterson, and considering he is a year removed from blowing out his entire freaking knee, it's hard to root against the guy trying to set the single-season record for rushing yardage.

If the Packers win, the Bears are in the playoffs. If the Vikings win, Chicago's season is finished.

Other games on the docket:

- Arizona vs San Francisco

- St. Louis vs Seattle

- Oakland vs San Diego

- Miami vs New England

- Kansas City vs Denver

- Dallas vs Washington (SNF)

As always, stay tuned right here at WCG for NFL Week 17 coverage, as well as for how the NFC playoff race is shaking down.

This will also serve as your Sunday Night Football Open Thread. Have fun...