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Bears Set to Interview Keith Armstrong for Head Coaching Vacancy

The Bears have set up an interview with Atlanta special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong to fill the head coach opening.


It still feels weird to be talking about a head coaching vacancy and the Bears, but things have moved pretty fast here. News broke earlier that the Bears requested permission to talk to Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, and now they've got an interview set up with Atlanta Falcons special teams coach Keith Armstrong.

Armstrong is a little more of an unknown than McCoy is, but according to his coach bio on the Falcons' homepage, he's more of a defensive guy. He's got eight years of experience working with defensive players, but has a year of working with wide receivers under his belt and has been working with special teams specifically since 1997, including four years with the Bears from 1997 through 2000.

As always, stay tuned to WCG for any developments as the Bears attempt to fill the head coaching position...