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Packers Catch Bears, Take Over NFC North: Week 14 Divisional Standings

The Bears come up short against the and the Packers take over the division via that haunting Week 2 loss.B

Jonathan Daniel

Well, this weekend didn't really go the way Bears fans would've hoped.

The loss to the Seahawks, coupled with Christian Ponder's complete inability to play the quarterback position like an adult, has allowed the Packers to regain control of the NFC North. Let's take a look at the standings, then talk about what happened and what will.


This week is an odd one, as we're entirely within the division again this week.

Lions: The Lions solidly coughed up a game of their own this week, allowing the upstart young Colts (who the Bears soundly defeated in Week 1) to steal the game from them. In Detroit. With no time left.

Last week, I predicted the Lions would end the season 5-11, but now I'm thinking 6-10. Even after a demoralizing loss to the Colts, I expect them to come out and take advantage of a poor GB defense, and stun a lot of people. Also, that defense should want to prove something, and who better to take it out on than the golden boys of the NFL?

Week 14 Prediction: 33-27 Lions

Vikings: Well, I thought they were bad. Their quarterback certainly looked the part, as Ponder was able to manage 200+ rushing yards by Adrian Peterson into a loss. They've got 3 games against likely play off teams coming up, as well as a game against the Rams. The 8-8 I predicted for them last week might be generous at this point.

Week 14 Prediction: 27-10 Bears

Bears: That Seahawks game would've been awfully nice. I thought 11-5 for this team, and it's still pretty doable, with a step in the right direction coming this week against the Vikings.

Even with the possibility of no Urlacher, I think this team can do enough to limit AP and keep Ponder throwing, which is never bad for anyone. I'll stick by my 11-5 prediction, but it may not be enough to win the division outright. Win these next two divisional games, and pick up either the Cards and the Vikes. It'd be hard for the Bears to miss the playoffs, but they absolutely need that home game.

Week 14 Prediction: 27-10 Bears

Packers: Oh, how I loathe thee. The Packers took back the division last week, as Ponder laid an egg while the Bears did the same. 10-6 seems like I've shorted the Pack now, as they could easily also reach 11-5. I can still see them dropping the game to the Lions this week, and if things shake out, I could still be right.

Week 14 Prediction: 33-27 Lions

What do you think? Did the Seattle game sour you against the Bears chances, or are things still gravy? Let us know, and we'll be keeping an eye on everything playoffs. What's that, Jim Mora?

You're damn right we wanna talk about playoffs!