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Chicago Bears LB Brian Urlacher out at least 3 weeks with hamstring injury

Brian Urlacher is set to miss at least three weeks of play, and possibly more.

David Banks

The Chicago Bears will be without their star middle linebacker for at least three weeks, and maybe more, according to multiple reports. Brian Urlacher came up limping late in the game versus the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday, and was on the sideline for the crucial final moments of overtime.

Reports are that Urlacher has a Grade 2 hamstring strain that could sideline him for the rest of the season.

This news comes on the heels of the announcement that the team re-signed LB Dom DiCicco, who spent the 2011 season playing on special teams before being released this past offseason. DiCicco was a free agent, but knows enough about Lovie Smith's defense to be brought back in light of the Urlacher injury.

This puts even more of a work load on WLB Lance Briggs and SLB Nick Roach, but both guys are veterans in this system, and have a solid defense around them. At least, they seemed solid until last week's thrashing by Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense.

How will they hold up for the rest of the year? We'll see. Stay tuned...