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Broncos @ Raiders: Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Thanks for stopping by Windy City Gridiron for our Thursday Night Football Open Thread. Tonight enjoy chatting it up with WCG members while watching the Denver Broncos take on the Oakland Raiders.


I don't think there's any debate as to who we think will win this game tonight. The 9-3 AFC West Champion Denver Broncos will defeat the 3-9 Oakland Raiders. You can try and make the argument that playing in The Black Hole gives the Raiders a bit of an advantage, and you'd be slightly right. But the Broncos are far and away the better team.

My pick tonight, there will be no close shave as the Denver Broncos win 24-10.

What if we were to pick the game's winner solely on this question; Who has the best nickname in the NFL?

I think we'd have an entirely different result.

First off the obvious answer to the overall nickname question is the Bears, but in a contest between Broncos and Raiders I think there's an equally as obvious answer.

There's no way a mere horse, even a wild or half-tamed horse like a Bronco could stand up to a dastardly raider. A raider would more than likely take the horse for their own, tame it, and ride it off to plunder some more.

Enjoy the game and remember all Open Threads are Rated WCG-MA. So if you're not ok with seeing the type of language a raider would use, then carry on.

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