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Earl Bennett ruled out versus Vikings with concussion

The Chicago Bears will be without Earl Bennett this weekend versus the Vikings.


Two steps forward and one step back: The Chicago Bears have confirmed that wide receiver Earl Bennett has been ruled out this week versus the Minnesota Vikings, suffering from a concussion sustained last week versus the Seahawks.

This coming on the heels of news that both Alshon Jeffery (knee) and Devin Hester (concussion) are expected to return this from their respective injuries.

Until the arrival of Brandon Marshall, Bennett was by far Jay Cutler's favorite receiver in 3rd down situations, but his time and targets has greatly decreased this season. And for good reason.

With Bennett being held out, we should see a significant does of Alshon Jeffery, the rookie with a tremendous upside. There is something terribly frightening about a Marshall-Jeffery combo on the field at the same time, especially when you can end up with Hester being single-covered on deep routes.

So many possibilities, and so much potential.

In related news, Tim Jennings (shoulder) has not officially been ruled out this week, but he is expected to be sidelined along with Bennett.

Stay tuned...