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The Bears Den: December 07, 2012 - Week 14 News and Notes

Can you smell what the Peanut is cookin'?

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Jonathan Daniel

Brian Urlacher's Bears career should be over - Dan McNeil: Pro football is not a game meant to be played forever. Ask anybody who remembers Butkus in 1972.

Lovie Smith’s record against top competition is not good - Dave Wischnowsky: The old adage is that for a team to enjoy success it needs to split with the good teams on its schedule and clean up against the bad ones. Lovie Smith has only a .333 winning percentage against teams above .500. (Bonus: Our very own propheteer argues that most SB-winning coaches win within first five seasons of their tenure.)

Fnally, a use for the Bears' tight end - Steve Rosenbloom: The more Bears receivers get hurt, the more atrocious Lovie Smith's support of Kellen Davis looks.

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[Video] Thayer's game preview - Thayer & Mayer look ahead to Sunday's game at Minnesota what the team need to do.

[Video] Kip Lewis & Moon Mullin - Updates from Halas Hall and looking ahead to the Vikings.

Bears offense vows to put more points on board - Larry Mayer: Making up for the loss of Brian Urlacher isn't only on the Bears defense. Players on the offensive side of the ball are just as determined to raise their level of play.

Time for Bears' offense to carry the 'D' - Moon Mullin: Heading into the 2012 season, the Bears' offense was expected to be able to carry the defense. It didn’t happen. It needs to now.

Bears working to fill void left by Urlacher injury - Larry Mayer: Lance Briggs and Nick Roach took center stage Thursday, speaking to the media about playing without superstar teammate Brian Urlacher for the first time in three years.

Bears profess faith in Nick Roach loud and clear - Vaughn McClure: Team believes he can fill hole well in Urlacher's absence.

Roach ready to step in for Urlacher - Michael C. Wright: "His voice has developed," weakside linebacker Lance Briggs joked. "I don't know the right word, but (his voice has) matured. He sounds louder on the field." (Too much bass scares white folk.)

Player D-coordinator: If not Nick Roach, then...? - Moon Mullin: With Brian Urlacher out, the Bears are considering various options to fill his spot, but some of those "options" don't sound too on board.

Hayes, not Roach, the possible fault line in Bears’ revamped “D” - Moon Mullin: Nick Roach fills in at MLB, but the issue on defense really falls with Geno Hayes, who will slot in in Roach's spot against AP.

PFF' 3 things to focus on - The Bears will be favored in this one, but the Vikings have a chance if their star runner and best pass rusher thrive.

Matt Bowen: Scouting the Bears - Play action away from Jared Allen allows time for Cutler and Marshall to hook up in a mismatch against a LB.

[Video] Game preview - Eddie George and Jason Coles' jowls discuss the Bears' playoff chances without Urlacher and make their picks for Bears-Vikings.

Team news - Podlesh, Toub not fans of ideas to eliminate kickoffs; AP vs Bears' "speed defense"; injury news.


Other Bears news

Moore's confidence never wavered - Jeff Dickerson: The Bears are hoping that Moore and Hayden's experience can help the team deal with the loss of Jennings, for at least one week.

[Video] CTL discussion - The CTL panel discusses the latest on Brian Urlacher and his hamstring injury.

Four Downs - Will Brian Urlacher be back with the Bears next season? Are the Bears in serious trouble if they lose to the Vikings?

PFF snapshot - With TEs becoming more valuable in a passing league, PFF breaks down the most reliable and productive at the position. Spoiler alert: Kellen Davis doesn't grade out well.....

PFF's Next Man Up - Edwin Williams earns a dishonorable mention for "Worst Offensive Sub", and Geno Hayes will have to improve on the abysmal run grade he posted with Tampa Bay last season.

[Video] Matt Bowen's breakdown - How Russell Wilson was once again able to get outside the pocket.

Mock draft - NFP's Scouting Department offers the public its first 2013 Mock Draft. A starting O-lineman for the Bears, you say?


Polish sausage

Who is the Pro Personnel Director? - Jack Bechta: Just about every NFL team has one and their impact, importance and job description varies around the league.

Non-QBs have also impacted strong rookie class - Steve Silverman: While the rookie QBs have gotten the bulk of the attention, this season has seen a number of outstanding performances from rookies who are not QB.

Matt Bowen's playbook - This is how you play the deep middle of the field: Breaking down Thomas DeCoud's INT vs. Brees.

Matt Bowen's playbook - Why is Sanchez struggling? (WCG: Because it's Sanchez.)

Know thy enemy: Lions - Jason Cole: DT Ndamukong Suh, other Lions don't 'understand what it takes to win', a teammate says.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Kevin Seifert: The Lions' 4-8 record can be attributed to numerous factors, and an imbalanced offense is only one of them. But there have been at least a few games this season when the Lions would have had a better chance to win if they could have imposed their running game better.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Chris Burke: Does Percy Harvin’s absence buy Christian Ponder more time?

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Judd Zulgad: Vikings get reminder that keeping Percy Harvin would be a risk; temper tantrums and meltdowns part of the reason why Harvin fell to the 22nd pick in the 2009 draft.

Lester's guest video week - "One of the better break-dancing movies of the 80s."