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Great Expectations: Bears vs Vikings

With the Bears and Vikings facing off for the second time in three weeks, let's make some predictions about the game.

The Bears will need good games from Marshall and Forte to help a battered defense.
The Bears will need good games from Marshall and Forte to help a battered defense.

Since the last the time the Bears and Vikings played, so much has happened its hard to describe it all. The Bears have gained and lost the divisional lead, multiple Bears have suffered multiple injuries, calendars have turned to another month... okay, so not a lot has happened. So, instead of another game day breakdown of what to expect on Sunday, let's take a quick look at stats from the previous Bears-Vikings game and make some predictions about what we'll see on Sunday.

In week twelve, the Bears beat down the Vikings 28-10 thanks to a deadly efficient Jay Cutler (23-31, 188, 1-1) and a great commitment to the running game. Matt Forte and Michael Bush combined for 102 yards (on 35 carries). Brandon Marshall caught over half of Cutler's completions (12 catches for 92 yards), and the Bears offensive line only allowed one sack. The Bears won the turnover battle three to two thanks to a Chris Conte pick and two fumble recoveries by Charles Tillman and Major Wright. Christian Ponder was not good, going 22-43 for only 159 yards. Adrian Peterson went over one hundred yards on only eighteen carries, but did have a fumble.

So with Brian Urlacher, Earl Bennett, Lance Louis, and possibly Tim Jennings out this week, what do you expect to see Sunday. My list:

  1. Matt Forte and Michael Bush will combine for over 100 yards and at least one touchdown.
  2. Adrian Peterson will equal or exceed the numbers of Forte/Bush (including yards per carry).
  3. Jay Cutler will throw for over 200 yards but less than 250, and throw at least one pick.
  4. Christian Ponder will have a completion percentage below fifty-five, and complete at least six passes to Kyle Rudolph.
  5. The Bears will win the turnover battle, committing one and causing two.
  6. Alshon Jeffrey will catch a touchdown. Marshall will have over one hundred yards receiving.
  7. Robbie Gould will make two field goals. Adam Podlesh will give us two "what the truck" punts.
  8. The Vikings will not squib kickoffs, and they will pay for it (in yardage, not return touchdowns).
  9. Devin Aromashodu will not catch a pass.
  10. The Bears will miss Urlacher, but Roach and Hayes will play solid defense.
  11. Major Wright forcing a turnover, and Shea McClellin gets a sack.
  12. Bears win, 27-17
Make your predictions in the comments section, and let us know what you think will happen on Sunday.