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Robbie Gould Questionable Against Vikings

Robbie Gould strained his left calf muscle in warmups, leaving Adam Podlesh to boot the opening kickoff.


A late blow to the Bears as Robbie Gould strained his left calf muscle and was hobbled during warmups. Adam Podlesh came out to kick off for the Bears, but Gould is on the sidelines with his helmet on. He might make an appearance later on in the game, but for now, the Bears have chosen to give Gould's leg a bit of an early rest.

That was Podlesh's ninth kickoff of his career, for his first career touchback.

Adrian Peterson took the first handoff of the game to the right and down to the Bears 30, took another handoff to the left and down to the two, and the next handoff straight up the middle for the first touchdown of the game. So far the Bears haven't shown much interest in tackling, but keep in mind they're down Brian Urlacher in the middle and Tim Jennings on the outside. It's still early.