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Febearary Fever Tournament is Set - Start voting now!

Perhaps you've heard of me. I'm kind of a big deal.
Perhaps you've heard of me. I'm kind of a big deal.

After much deliberation, sleepless nights, and the occasional personal attack, the field for the Febearary Fever Tournament is set. The entire field with matchups is listed after the jump, so feel free to question the seedings or inclusion/exclusion of the tournament participants. We did end up adding "Little Bear" from author Maurice Sendak, Bart the (literal) Bear, Banjo from Banjo Kazooie, and Pedo Bear (everyone thank Kev). Hit the comments section up to tell us who you think will win or if any dark horses could emerge victorious. The first matchup is posted as well, with a frontrunner looking to move on.

The Tournament follows regular March Madness rules (1vs8 winner will play 4vs5 winner and 2vs7 winner plays 3vs6 winner in next round). We're going to have two polls a day over the next week to get through the first round quickly, then have at most one post a day for subsequent rounds. Polls will remain open for six days after they are posted. We'll link polls from previous days in case you missed any as we go along.

The winner will be determined before the start of free agency to avoid frivolity encroaching on reality. The last bear standing from the Butkus and Papa Bear divisions will face off in the first semifinal in about two weeks, and the Payton/Ditka division winners will meet in the other semi.

The Butkus Division

1 Staley vs 8 Grizz (Memphis Grizzlies)

4 Charmin vs 5 Snuggle

2 Smoky vs 7 Sugar Crisp

3 Chicago Cubs vs 6 Blades (Boston Bruins)

The Papa Bear Division

1 Yogi vs 8 Bobo (the Simpsons)

4 Boo Boo vs 5 Po

2 Fozzy vs 7 Sexual Harassment Panda

3 Bad News Bears vs 6 Conan O'Brien Bear

The Payton Division

1 Winnie the Pooh vs 8 Gentle Ben

4 Baloo vs 5 Little Bear

2 The 3 Bears vs 7 Bart the Bear

3 Berenstain Bears vs 6 Ling Ling

The Ditka Division

1 Teddy Bear vs 8 the Country Bears

4 Paddington Bear vs 5 Teddy Ruxpin

2 Care Bears vs 7 Banjo

3 Gummi Bears vs 6 Pedo Bear