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2012 WCG Awards: Chicago Bears Most Improved Player of the Year

The awards don't stop. While TJ is trying to nail down the best Bear (which should be an excellent series, although I am disappointed Kuma didn't get in there), we're continuing to hand out the actual Chicago Bears' end-of-season awards. Last week we handed out the Rookie. Wednesday we handed out the Newcomer of the Year, and tonight we're going to move to the Most Improved Player of the Year - last year's Bears that might have had a down year yet rose to the occasion this season. Want more? Hit the jump to see how we voted...

Lester's Pick: DT Henry Melton - He bulked up to play DT and he had the most Bears sacks from an interior lineman since 2007. Honorable mention Lance Louis.

TJ's Pick: OG/OT Lance Louis - Still not great, but good enough to be solid at a few positions on O-Line.

Sam's Pick: OG Chris Williams - The guy went from being talked about to not. For an offensive lineman that's a good thing!

Stephen's Pick: OG Chris Williams - This season his move to the interior started to pay dividends. In a perfect Bears world, Angelo would have found us a real left tackle, but at least Mike Tice was able to help make Williams into a solid guard.

Kev's Pick: OG Chris Williams - We didn't really talk about Williams a lot this year. That's a good thing.

Kev's - I mean Pete's - Pick: OG Chris Williams - Yeah, Pete was kinda lazy.

Dane's Pick: DT Henry Melton - From 2.5 sacks in 2010 to 7 sacks in 2011.

Steven's Pick: DT Henry Melton - Melton may be a currently-one-dimensional player, but he was pretty solid in that one dimension. Needs to work on stopping the run better, but he's still young.

So with the votes tallied, Chris Williams is WCG's Most Improved Player of 2012. What do you think?

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