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Fan Post of the Week - 2/10/11

Here at Windy City Gridiron, we have some of the best writers on the web producing countless numbers of articles daily, but we also have many great contributors that come from our readers.

It seems high time we start pointing some of them out.

This week ECD is doubling up. Not only did he have the two most active Fan Posts, but he is winner of Fan Post of the Week for the second straight week. This week's winner is Is a Trade for Brandon Marshall In the Works?

This one gets the nod because I think most of us are dreaming of a Marshall/Cutler reunion. It seems that a poll tally of 252 in favor versus 29 opposed backs that up.

And, it is true that this year includes both a FA market and a draft that is stacked with talent in the WR position. So, in that regard, Brandon Marshall may not be seen as "irreplaceable" to the Dolphins. Also, the Dolphins are what appears to be in rebuild mode, with a new coaching staff as well as front office which will make philosophical changes both on offense and defense.

Will a new contender lay claim to the throne or will we see ECD on top again next week?