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Febearary Fever - Baloo vs Little Bear

Next up in Febearary Fever we have beloved characters from children's stories attempting to tear each other limb from limb. So you going with #4 Baloo from the Jungle Book, and other Disney juggernauts like TailSpin, House of Mouse, and Jungle Cubs, with his "Bear Necessitiies" theme song? Or do you choose Little Bear, a series of chidren's stories by Where the Wild Things Go author Maurice Sendak (who recently appeared on The Colbert Report)? If it helps you, Les publicly backed the NickJr. Little Bear, while Baloo first appeared in a book by Rudyard Kipling - who put swastikas on book covers (to be fair, he was referring to the Indian sun symbol conveying good luck and well-being, not, you know who).

Don't forget about Pedo vs Gummi, Fozzy vs Sexual Harassment Panda, Winnie vs Gentle Ben, or Staley vs Grizz. Fozzy and Gummi are dangerously close to being upset!