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NFL Thoughts: Chicago Bears and Beyond

There's a bit of a dead period in the NFL right now. The next big news worthy date is February 20th when teams can start slapping the franchise tag around. Chicago's Matt Forte, Philly's DeSean Jackson, Washington's Fred Davis, and New England's Wes Welker are all rumored to receive the tag if they can't agree on terms with their respective teams. For a full rundown on the NFL off season click here, and for a few of my NFL Thoughts hit the jump.

1) The Lions are rumored to be interested in aggressive and some say dirty corner back Cortland Finnegan if the Titans don't bring him back. An improved secondary is exactly what Detroit needs, another hot headed defender may not be.

2) My favorite part of the off season is the NFL Combine. In years past, when I actually had the NFL Network (I hate Time Warner Cable), I'd watch it all, but his year I'll be forced to find the event online and catch the highlights. The Combine is nothing more than a job interview/meat market for the more than 300 invitees. Check out the link to see if your favorite college player will be performing at Lucas Oil Stadium.

3) I think Mario Williams would look great lining up opposite Julius Peppers (pipe dream), but if the Texans don't re-sign him the hot rumor has the Patriots interested. If that comes to fruition, it just speaks volumes as to why New England is always in the playoff hunt. Great teams find a way to add great players.

4) I still think the most logical landing spot for Peyton Manning is in Miami.

5) I think the Redskins would be better served trading up to the 2nd spot to grab which ever QB the Colts don't. Most likely Robert Griffin III.

6) Have you heard Randy Moss wants to return to football? Has he heard that the Arena League is a viable option?

7) We're not above doing some off season fluff stuff here at WCG, but Musical Mascots from And in a sideshow no less! I'll save you the trouble of scrolling through looking for Chicago's pick. It's Common.

8) Sports Illustrated has an interesting piece up about free agent WR Vincent Jackson, here's what they say about a possible V-Jax to the Bears marriage:

Another team that should have some money to spend and is in desperate need of a wide receiver. Would Chicago open its checkbook to give Jay Cutler a long searched-for No. 1 threat? The Bears have not really come up on the Jackson radar yet, but he’d be a dynamic piece to drop in that puzzle.

9) Of all the free agent wide receivers set to hit the market, I'd like to see Marques Colston end up in Chicago.

10) I know most mock drafts have the Bears going wide receiver or offensive line in the 1st round, but I think it may make more sense for the Bears to go defense at 19 and fill the offensive needs in free agency.