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The Bears Den: February 15, 2012

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"...where robots! Do not be afraid!"

Smith, Macon share spot in Bears history Mayer: What appeared to be a casual conversation in a hotel lobby last season was in fact a historic meeting between the first African American player and coach in Bears history.

Bennett: Giants' run shows Super Bowl reachable Mitchell: If the New York Giants can get into the playoffs with a 9-7 record and win a Super Bowl, why can't the Chicago Bears?

Bears could give Forte franchise tag Monday Wright: If the sides don't put together a contract extension soon, the next development in the Matt Forte contract saga could take place next Monday when the league allows teams to apply the franchise tag to players.

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Offseason position outlook: Defensive line Michael C. Wright continues his roster breakdown with a look at the D-line: "Hey, look. A D-Line. Cool."

Randy Moss and 'that thing called quit' Seifert: Cris Carter has no doubt Randy Moss still has the speed and talent to contribute to an NFL team, but Carter says there are lingering questions about his former Vikings teammate's ability to shrug off difficult times and compete hard on every down. Does Randy Moss still have deep ball speed?

Ranking the 2012 Free Agents: Edge Rushers Mike Carter of Pro Football Focus takes a look at the edge rushers who will be on the market this offseason. Yes, please. Shopping for Experience

Could the Lions be in trouble? Krinch: The Lions are seen around the NFL as a team on the rise, but could Detroit's high-priced young nucleus hold them back from reaching football's ultimate prize, a Super Bowl Championship? Yes, please.

Kravitz clarifies his Peyton Manning 'noodle arm' comment Miller: All signs indicate the Colts may move on from Manning to prepare for another 10 to 12 year run by selecting Stanford’s quarterback Andrew Luck number one overall in the 2012 draft.

NFL's Top Unrestricted Free Agents Let's check out the used lot with help from's photo features.

Could concussions actually kill football? Farrar: Isaac Asimov once told Howard Cosell that in his opinion, robot players would one day replace humans in football. Cosell told Asimov to shut his pie-hole as his toupee shifted awkwardly to one side.

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