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2012 WCG Awards: Offensive Player of the Year

Now that we are officially in a football Twilight Zone - the season's been over, it's not quite free agency, and things aren't exactly blazing with the draft - things are just a little slow right now. But that hasn't stopped us from reeling off our own offseason awards. Last Wednesday we named the Newcomer of the Year, Friday was the Most Improved Player of the Year, and Sunday was the Victory of the Year. Today, we start off the Big Three with the Offensive Player of the Year.

Our votes? Hit the jump.

Lester's Pick: Matt Forte - He was so important in both the passing and running game. Honorable mention Jay Cutler.

TJ's Pick: Jay Cutler - Jay Cutler wins, hands down, no debate needed, everyone off the plane.

Sam's Pick: Matt Forte - So many injuries make this tough, but has to be Matt Forte, he had a great season and was on pace for an epic one.

Stephen's Pick: Matt Forte - He once again showed the Bears that he deserves to get paid by being one of the league's leaders in total yards from scrimmage while he was healthy. Then again, if he can't stay healthy, the Bears might not want to give him a big payday. In any case, Forte is a truly elite talent and one wheel this bus can't afford to lose.

Kev's Pick: J'Marcus Webb - Not seriously, though Kev declined to submit a vote. Meaning for once Pete had to think for himself. Kev's edit: Given that nobody who was really worth a damn on the offense was able to finish the season, it's hard to pick a player of the year.

Pete's Pick: Matt Forte - No explanation needed, I suppose.

Dane's Pick: None - As in no one deserved it. Nah, we'll say he voted for Frank Omiyale. Dane's edit: No really, I picked no one. This category sucked.

Steven's Pick: Jay Cutler - I'll pick someone who I thought deserved it, though. I'll grant that Forte had a great season while it lasted, and he'd get it were it not for the semi-decent production put in by his backups (barring fumbles). Cutler on the other hand showed what he meant to the team with his absence, as the passing game stalled. Josh McCown filled in with a lesser degree of awful than displayed by Hanie, but still won't be confused for Cutler.

That being said though, Matt Forte has been awarded the WCG Offensive Player of the Year for 2012. What do you guys think?