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Febearary Fever - Care Bears vs Banjo

Today's installment of Febearary Fever is a #2 vs #7 matchup featuring old school versus new school children's entertainment. At the two slot we have Care Bears, hailing from Care-a-Lot (possibly adajecent to Park-a-lot and Camel-a-lot) these tummy tattooed bears have been featured in various motion pictures, television shows, and of course millions of children's beds in the 80s. Banjo was half of the Banjo-Kazooie tandem that first appeared on the N64 and lives on today in Xbox Live Arcade. The original game featured Banjo searching for his half-sister, Tooty, who may or may not have recorded a distress call on a driod ("save me, obi-Banjo, you're my only hope").