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The Bears Den: February 17, 2012


"...where Patrick Mannelly once long-snapped a football into a horse's chin...and invented the giraffe."

McCaskey: Money won't be issue in free agency Biggs: If the Bears are mostly spectators when free agency opens in a little less than four weeks, it won't be because the budget or salary cap hindered them.

Students send Knox questions to answer Mayer: Middle school teacher Erin Butler found a unique way to incorporate something her students were interested in into an assignment.

Esiason: Tice Had ‘Biggest Impact On Offense’ WSCR: One NFL expert thinks Mike Tice was one of the main factors that propelled the team to its five-game winning streak before Jay Cutler's injury.

Follow WCG on Twitter: It may or may not reduce your risk of offseason torture.

Offseason position outlook: Cornerbacks Wright: With several free agents, the Bears need to replenish some talent at cornerback.

Early look at WR's before the NFL Combine Krinch: Draft guru and NFL analyst Mike Mayock held a Scouting Combine Preview conference call on Wednesday and shared his insight on some of top prospects in the nation.

Moss gets offer from Chicago Slaughter Pompei: Randy Moss can play football in Chicago this year if he desires. Although it remains to be seen if the Chicago Bears want Moss, the Chicago Slaughter does.

Silverman: Monday Night Broadcast Booth Will Remain Miserable The network acknowledged its shortcomings when it reassigned… ahem… Ron Jaworski and took him out of the booth.

Let's make a match: Finding the best free agent for your team Who's the one free agent that helps your team the most? Pete Prisco has the answer.

Peter King considers stepping aside from Hall of Fame committee In 20 years, sitting on the panel has gone from an honor to equal parts burden and honor.

"Torture" (Language NSFW):