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Fan Post of the Week - 2/17/12

Here at Windy City Gridiron, we have some of the best writers on the web producing countless numbers of articles daily, but we also have many great contributors that come from our readers.

It seems high time we start pointing some of them out.

This week's Fan Post of the week is Assembling a physical offense in offseason by NigerianNightmare.

He should probably have earned this one for the sheer amount of images and videos he pulled together.

Nightmare gives his take on how to beef up the physical mentality of the Bears offense.

But taking a look at the offense, we lack that mentality. Sure, we have a few tough SOB's but we can kind of show our soft side against physical defenses like Kansas City, Seattle, Oakland and Denver. So I'm going to go through a run down and see how we can improve at each position, offensively.

Jump on in, if you haven't already. Great work!