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2012 WCG Awards: Most Valuable Player

And now, the grand finale. On Wednesday, Matt Forte was named the Offensive Player of the Year. On Friday, we had a bit of an impasse as to the Defensive Player of the Year, and thanks to your votes, that debate was solved - Brian Urlacher is named the WCG Defensive Player of the Year.

But there's one final vote to reveal, and that is the MVP race. One last time, hit the jump to see how we voted.

Lester's Pick: Jay Cutler - 7-3 before the thumb, 1-5 after, 'nuff said. Honorable mention Matt Forte.

TJ's Pick: Lance Briggs - After his boffo trade demand had a great season. Only guy I remember consistently making great plays in each game I saw.

Sam's Club--er, Pick: Matt Forte - I was going to say Cutler but I realized two losses are directly attributed to Forte's backup, Barber, and knowing what we do about Forte, it's hard to say he makes those mental errors.

Stephen's Pick: Jay Cutler - We won five straight with him, and lost five straight without him. If that doesn't convince you that he is the key to the whole operation, I don't know what will.

Dane's Pick: Julius Peppers - 11 sacks, and an invaluable number of penalties caused by him simply existing.

Kev's Pick: Jay Cutler - Any other answer is stupid and wrong.

Pete's Pick: Jay Cutler - (Editor's Note: Typed as I received it) Because we basically couldn't win a game without him and getting angelo fired and making mike martz quit. And saying f you martz on air and having a song named after him and rehooking up with a hollywood babe. And salmon colored pants. And making pouting sexy and he knows it. And having the diabeetus but still being awesome.

Steven's Pick: Jay Cutler - I'm not going all crazy like Pete, but losing Jay was a bigger blow to the team than anybody else would possibly be, including Peppers and Urlacher. The Bears went from looking like a back-to-back playoff team entering the easiest part of their schedule to looking like the dregs of the league going through a padded-club gauntlet and getting knocked around like nothing. The time period this started in might just coincide with a certain quarterback in a certain city breaking a certain bone in his certain throwing hand. Given that? Cutler. And that's your MVP, folks.