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Poll of the Day: How much Super Bowl Pregame will you watch?

NBC will be carrying the Super Bowl this year, which means Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth during the actual game and Bob Costas, Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy and a host of others for the pregame. And what a pregame it will be. With kickoff scheduled for 6:30 Eastern, the pregame coverage will start at noon with Costas reporting live from downtown Indianapolis. Are you ready for 6 and a half hours of pregame?

For a complete run down of the NBC Super Bowl televised schedule check out this Sports Illustrated article detailing everything. Some highlights will include player interviews, Rodney Harrison going inside the Patriots, a look back at David Tyree's pin the ball to his helmet catch, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers will be a guest analyst, Matt Lauer interviewing the President, Costas interviewing Madonna, and Nick Cannon working the red carpet. Oh joy.