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Febearary Fever Update and Yogi vs Bobo

We're a little more than halfway through the first round of the Febearary Fever tournament and six matchups have been decided. Some have been blowouts by top seeds, while one matchup was literally decided by one point (it ain't my fault, I'm a non-voting felon, thank you). Hit the jump to see our first round winners thus far and our newest matchup, #1 Yogi versus #8 Bobo (not Boo Boo).

Our quick hit results reveal that the seeding process thus far has played out like the NCAA tournament. #4-#5 matchups can be close or not, top seeds generally rule the first round, but a heavy favorite always goes down at some point sooner than expected. Our results (with voting percentages):

Butkus Division

#1 Staley 96% - #8 Grizz 3%

#4 Charmin 53% - #5 Snuggle 46%

Papa Bear Division

#7 Sexual Harrassment Panda 50% - #2 Fozzy 49% (86-85 in votes)

Payton Division

#1 Winnie 81% - #8 Gentle Ben 18%

#4 Baloo 83% - #5 Little Bear 16%

Ditka Division

#3 Gummi Bears 55% - #6 Pedo Bear 44%

Polls for Smoky vs Sugar, Bad News vs Conan O'Brien, and Care Bears vs Banjo are still open. Today's matchup features the #1 Yogi, a children's entertainment fixture for decades (and wanted criminal of pickanick baskets) versus the #8 seeded Bobo, whose sole purpose in this world was as a single-episode Simpson's riff off of Citizen Kane's Rosebud. And if you didn't understand any or parts of that description, you have too little time on your hands.