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Is February the Worst Month for NFL fans?

After wracking my brain the past few days to hit a topic other than: free agency (still far away), the draft (even further away), or Febearary, all I could think about was how crappy February is for NFL fans. But is it the worst? Hit the jump to look at the merits and feel free to purge your feelings in the comments section.

For us writers, the offseason has a ton of built-in storylines worth following and discussing, but we also struggle with the oversaturation of said topics. I've reach max-capacity with Peyton Manning news, Brandon Marshall trade scenarios, and free agency wish lists (but not mock drafts, I loves me some mock drafts). So, let's take a look at what month could be the worst for NFL fans.

January - Doubtful its the worst, since it includes playoffs and depending on how the calendar falls the final regular season games. If January is the worst month for you, you're not a real fan (look at this clip from the epic Saints-49ers playoff game as a reminder).

February - I think its the worst, in large part because its the furthest point away from the next meaningful NFL game. Yes, it has the Super Bowl, but unless the Bears are in, I'm never that hyped up over watching it. A Bears-less Super Bowl is exciting for a last chance at football that season and commercials (but never the halftime show). It also has the combine, which some people drool over, but guys running in spandex just doesn't do it for me.

March - The opening of free agency should take March off the list; there's just too much anticipation from fans in every city that their team will sign Player X to put their team into the playoffs/Super Bowl. Outside of actual games, the first week of free agency is about as excited as fans can get about the NFL.

April - The draft hits in late April, which should preclude it from the worst ever moniker. Mock drafts are finalized, rewritten, then finalized again, and fans get a last chance of hope that their team makes a great move to put them over the top and secure their future success.

May & June - These are practically the same, since most of the offseason roster shuffling is complete and fans are chomping at the bit for the action to ramp back up. Another strong candidate for worst month(s) since no real action is going on and it lacks the anticipatory excitement of pre-free agency, pre-draft months.

July - Late in the month training camps open, so discussions turn to "who makes the team," "which newcomer will have a huge impact," and so on. It could be terrible just because we're closer to games but still not quite there.

August - Preseason games start up, which could be a terrible thing since its like eating a good appetizer while you're waiting for a fabulous main course. But still, actual football - even preseason football - is better than nothing.

September through December - The NFL regular season, which means there's no way any of these qualify as the worst month.

Hit the poll with your selection - all months are listed except the regular season months. (And yes, another poll from me, whadayagonado?)