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Febearary Fever - The Three Bears vs Bart

Today's tournament matchup features the #2 seeded Three Bears versus #7 Bart the Bear. The Three Bears are from the "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" story that originated with author Robert Southey. Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear were originally home-invaded by an ugly old woman as opposed to a sweet, fair-haired young girl (darn you 19th century political correctness), and her fate changes based on the speaker/writer's audience of the tale.

#7 Bart the Bear earns the distinction of being the only actual, live bear in this entire bearforsaken endeavor. Bart was perhaps the most prolific bear-actor of all-time, appearing in such films as The Great Outdoors, Legends of the Fall, the Edge, and the award-winning classic by Steven Seagal, On Deadly Ground.