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NFL Combine Friday News & Schedule

The NFL Combine is officially underway in Indianapolis, and the Bears have a large contingent of staffers there watching, measuring, and interviewing players for the first time under GM Phil Emery. Apparently part of Emery's busy weekend will include a meeting with Matt Forte's representatives at some point in Indianapolis. We'll include some information for you after the jump about what's going on this weekend in terms of who does what when, and what's already happened out in Indy. While a lot of the good action doesn't come until Sunday or Monday, there are some things going on Friday that could pique your interest. Hit the jump, and if you do it well enough, you too could be the next Mike Mamula.

The Combine breaks down players into eleven groups and spreads out the schedule over the course of six days. The first three groups - kickers, punters, offensive lineman, and tight ends - have already undergone physical measurements and medical exams, and will wrap up psychological testing and interviews today. Workouts for these groups will happen tomorrow.

Groups four through six include quarterbacks, wideouts, and running backs. These groups will get their measurements taken and start interviews and psychological testing today. We won't get to the workouts of these players until Sunday. And if you're wondering about the craziness of the Combine, people are enthralled over Robert Griffin III measuring 3/8 of an inch taller than was reported ("he's how tall!?! Sell the farm!"). Also, Jay Cutler can officially permit the Bears to draft Michael Floyd since he measured 6'2 220.

The next groups include defensive lineman and linebackers, and those guys arrive at the Combine today. Their workouts won't commence until Monday, so until then they'll get physically, mentally, and emotionally poked and prodded. Hopefully no one gets asked if their mother is a prostitute.

The last groups are the defensive backs, who will arrive at the Combine Saturday and have workouts on Tuesday.

The full Combine schedule is here, and the official NFL Combine website gets updated with info here. Things won't really get fun until the workouts get under way tomorrow, so expect today's Combine updates from around the web to be a little blah. NFL Network will stream videos online today on and will feature Combine Press Conferences at 2:30 pm and NFL Total Access at 7:30pm.