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Fan Post of the Week - 2/24/12

Here at Windy City Gridiron, we have some of the best writers on the web producing countless numbers of articles daily, but we also have many great contributors that come from our readers.

It seems high time we start pointing some of them out.

This week's Fan Post of the week is The Chicago Bears Need a Ferrari by Just Dave.

We had a lot of interesting Fan Posts to choose from this week, but went with this if only for a David Terrell sighting and any Fan Post where the comments evolve into a Green Bay bashing session is a good one.

It's a conglomeration and is branched out into many venues. Last year you needed a new tractor/trailer so you went out and got yourself a good one. Unfortunately it got in an accident and spent some considerable time at the shop. So this year you and the CEO's are sitting down discussing your needs for the upcoming fiscal year and someone brings up the need for a new tractor/trailer. But wait, you think, aren't we getting that other new one back from the shop? Couldn't the business use something for picking up clients and entertaining potential investors? What you need is something impressive, something sporty. You need a Ferrari.